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Andrew, another great article. I have to say that I had always wondered about the earth being flat or a globe growing up. You didn’t dare ever say that though out loud. I came across flat earth items recently too and there were many logical points made in what I listened to and read, just like the items in your article. The globe being displayed in schools, on tv, in movies, even Universal Studios use of a globe before their movies

All seem like examples of programming In my opinion. Anyways, Thank you for writing another article and please continue.

I would like recommend your book to anyone who reads this article. I read your book and my wife is reading it now.


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Excellent article. I hope folks get the thesis of the article and don't get wrapped up in a flat/sphere debate. I'm firmly in the I-don't-know camp. "I loves me a good flat earth argument", but suffice it to say, no one has driven a nail in the coffin for me from either side.The strongest argument in favor of your thesis is a healthy understanding of the sick human condition.

The pastor of the last church I went to regularly was an old-earther. I'm a young-earther. When I suggested Isiah 45:12 to explain the possibility that time isn't a steady-state, the pastor's wife said I was "making God out to be a liar". The pastor would often say "You don't need to check your brain at the door" when anyone would suggest anything resembling a literal, young-earth understanding of scripture. These two were/are solid, solid believers and I look forward to being with them again. But they are typical of how deep these roots are that keep our minds closed to new ideas about reality.

What would you say if I told you that I "cured" the mastitis in one of my cows using a device that "treated" a few drops of the expressed milk? The cow was in the barn, the device & drops in the kitchen, and the drops discarded after. "Bullcrap nut-job idea" was my response to the suggestion. It would be like curing someone of baldness by treating a snip of his hair. Things just aren't as they appear is all I have to say about reality. "Spooky", as Einstein would say. (mastitis=a bacterial infection of the mammary gland)

The lesson from the cow experiment, and many lessons like it, is it is best to start with the most God-honoring interpretation of scripture and take him at his word, which in your case supports the "non-ball" earth position very well.

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Greetings my dear brother

And welcome to the wide, wide world of truth.

Much love and respect.

In One Accord

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Sub firmament luminary.


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moon is round. end of. Unsubscribing.

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